Gary Yeatts

How does Gary Yeatts inspire
excellence in leadership?

He listens, he connects, he appreciates, he draws out, he remains present to the person in front of him. By his example, you learn to do the same and embody your personal vision of a leader. You learn to connect to your own vision, power, compassion, and gifts and hold a greater appreciation for the other people in your life.

Gary inspires excellence in leadership by showing you how your thoughts, words, beliefs and intentions create or repel business.

Great leaders inspire. Great leaders create. Great leaders serve. Great leaders love.

You are a leader. Do you dare to be great?

Gary’s Professional Experience

With over thirty years experience as a senior Human Resources Executive for large and small companies, Gary has hands-on experience in business strategies in leveraged buy outs, Human Resources management, and performance improvement strategies at all levels. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Retired Navy Captain and Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.