What Clients Say


“Gary has been a terrific mentor on both a personal and professional level. With his ability to quickly identify areas for improvement and effectively articulate solutions that are uniquely applicable to our business, we’ve been able to quickly implement effective new strategies in sales, business development and customer relations.

After working with Gary, I’ve realized executive coaching is an incredible investment and opportunity for a business of any size. Thank you, Gary.”

Todd Schofield, Rocklin & Roseville Today

“Gary is an effective coach and facilitator for our diverse software development team. Gary guides us to understand and remove the personal barriers to our success and to draw upon our strengths. He helps our team communicate more effectively, both internally and with our clients. Gary is compassionate and supportive. He encourages us to act from the best in ourselves.”

Ravi Verma, CEO Telecommand

“Gary’s coaching and support during critical decision making has been invaluable. He is a confidential sounding board who focuses on improving the business and the individual. His enthusiasm and commitment to my success in my business and in my personal life has been a source of inspiration in setting and achieving goals.”

Brent Fleming, President, Golden Hills Redevelopment, Inc.

“Any player on a winning team can tell you how important of a role their coach plays; the same is with life and business. I have used the services of Gary Yeatts for personal enrichment and the development of my employees. His insight and experience are top notch and have made a measurable difference in our overall day-to-day operations.”

Eric Lay, President, Rocklin Systems, Inc.